Major in Mathematical Sciences

I generally teach courses in the Major in Mathematical Sciences. Other lecturers in the major include Professor Sadayoshi Kojima, Professor Shuichi Kawashima, Professor Trinh Khanh Duy and Professor Keiichi Watanabe.

More information about the Major in Mathematical Sciences can be found here.


I was awarded the President’s Award for Teaching (Spring Semester 2015) by President Kamata of Waseda University.

An example lecture

Can be found here on YouTube.

Presented in 2019 to prospective students (and families) as an example of the kind of material that they would meet at the very beginning of an introductory calculus course.

In the calculus courses, we study calculus starting from first principles, proving all of the important results as we progress towards increasingly more advanced concepts.

Current undergraduate courses (2021-2022)

Quarter Courses

  • Calculus A (Fall Quarter)
  • Calculus B (Winter Quarter)
  • Calculus C (Spring Quarter)
  • Survey of Modern Mathematical Sciences B (Spring Quarter)

Semester Courses

  • Calculus A (Fall Semester)
  • Calculus B (Spring Semester)